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W70 Elite Range | 5.2mm Bayonet / Push-On| Enlarge

5.2mm Elite arm with bayonet fitting (left crank) 266.7mm


Product Code: TEX-W70342

W70 Elite Range | 5.2mm Bayonet / Push-On

Product Description

Blade type: Bayonet
Crank: Left 10 degress crank
Fitting: 9/16 Lucas Boss
Part number: W70342

All arms are manufactured from the finest quality stainless steel with chromed heads to orginal standard. 

5.2mm Bayonet / Push-On
The Elite Range of wiper arms is designed to match the original equipment arms on the majority of British and European vehicles from the late 1950's fitted with the Lucas 9/16" boss.
The 5.2 mm Bayonet fitting is designed for similar type lightweight blades up to 13" long.

JAGUAR E Type Series 1 - Alternative 64-68
JAGUAR S Type - Alternative to 69
TRIUMPH Spitfire Mk.2 / 3 65-72
TRIUMPH Herald and Vitesse to 69
TRIUMPH Herald and Vitesse 70-72


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