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U86 Range | 7.2mm Notched / Wedge Lock| Enlarge

7.2mm adjustable arm with notched fitting (left crank)


Product Code: TEX-U86350

U86 Range | 7.2mm Notched / Wedge Lock

Product Description

Length 250mm
Blade type: Notched
Crank: Left 10 degress crank
Fitting: 14.8mm spline
Part number: U86350

The 7.2mm Notched arm is designed to fit similar type blades up to 15" long.
The TEX patented Wedge Lock design allows replacement wiper arms to be fitted to worn wiper  drive bosses which would otherwise be unsuitable for push-on heads.
Fits 14.8mm splined shafts.

MG MGB/C G.T from 68
MG B and C G.T. models 68-72

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