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H Type 'Superdry' Jet Bearing Seal Kit


Product Code: WZX1775

H Type 'Superdry' Jet Bearing Seal Kit. The seals used until now have consisted of two small and one large cork seal. There is some evidence which suggests that ethanol may degrade these. We have developed a new set of rubber seals and the required new jet bearings to overcome this problem.

Product Description

An improved ‘Superdry’ design for OM,HV & H type Jet bearing assemblies. These kits use a treated rubber seal, replacing the cork glands that are traditionally used, as there is some evidence which suggests that ethanol in fuel may degrade the cork. In addition to the seals the bearings and jet adjusting nut have been modified to take the seals, so they cannot be used to replace corks, the jet bearing assembly would need to be changed.

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