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Product Code: AED-850-N3A

AED Pro-Series oval track carburettors are custom-tailored for your specific application to achieve high flow rates without losing acceleration or torque. AED uses a specific set of parameters--engine size, rpm range, and power level--to calibrate venturi and metering sizing and properly size throttle bore and fuel circuits. They will increase strength and fuel atomization to produce more torque and power over a wider rpm range than previously obtained. AED Pro-Series oval track carburettors boast fully CNC-machined, centered, and ported main bodies and custom-machined boosters, plus their exclusive dual adjustable power valve circuitry, to enhance your driving response and feel out of the curves. All AED carburettors are "wet-flow" tested to ensure top performance, so whether you're a professional racer or an inspired amateur, AED will fine-tune your selection for successful racing.

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